Anneken Marshall

Sleep Practitioner & First Aid Courses For Families.



  • Basic Life Support (BLS) is a vital skill everyone should have. Whether you're a parent or professional working with children. I can teach you all you need to feel confident in providing basic life support for Children & Adults.

  • Automated External Defibrillator's (AED's) are commonplace in your community. Learn how to use one and feel confident in knowing what to do in an emergency.

  • Parent First Aid; looking after an ill child can be an anxious time for a parent or carer. This course covers both common childhood illnesses and more and serious conditions.

I run courses for small groups or individuals in the home or work place.

Each training session is tailored to your needs.


A 2 hour hands on course to give you the confidence to use an AED in an emergency.

£25.00 pp

8-10 People

Infant & Child BLS

Gain the confidence to know what to do when a child collapses.

A 2 hour hands on course where you'll learn Basic Life Support.

£25.00 pp

8-10 People

Parent First Aid

A 4 hour hands on course that will give you the confidence to treat a sick child and know when to seek help.


Maximum 4 People